I used to just want to make the internet prettier.

But now, after years of frustration stemming from broken links, poor design, and downright crappy forms, it is my mission to help small business owners improve their websites.

I’ve always had an interest in what makes a website tick, and the logic of programming languages makes my eyes light up with stars. I also love the instant gratification that comes with writing a line of code and hitting the Refresh button to see my work come to life!

The internet is a living, breathing, ever-changing entity. Every day there are new technologies that enhance this goliath that we’ve come to rely on so heavily. Even so, one aspect stays the same: human psychology. We are hard-wired for certain behaviors, and understanding this can bring major successes to your online business presence.

I still want to make the internet prettier. However, this is merely the icing on the cake, and the icing won’t you help if your cake is crumbly, uneven, and tastes like dirt.

This is why I approach creating websites with a specific formula, like a recipe. Add one part usability, one part great design, and one part great content, mix together and bake in the WordPress oven. Ding! Out comes a great website that is simple, engaging, and compels your customers to express interest, sign up for that email list, buy that product, book that service.

I want to help make your website work for you. Contact me and we’ll talk about it!